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The Future of "View Page Source"

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5 min read

Best Practices for ES2017 Asynchronous Functions (`async`/`await`)

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9 min read

Best Practices for ES6 Promises

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8 min read

The Key to Effective Learning is "Constructive Stupidity"

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7 min read

Ciphers and Hashes Explained

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6 min read

JavaScript Concurrency: Avoiding the Sequential Trap

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10 min read

An Introduction to the Server and the Client

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9 min read

Please don't nest promises

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5 min read

The Semantics of Falsy Values

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6 min read

Please don't forget to write the changelog

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6 min read

A Grammar-Based Naming Convention

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6 min read

Thank you to byte-sized integers

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5 min read

A Pedant's Experiment on Optimizing Callback Functions for Array Iteration

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9 min read

The Many Masks of `const`

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3 min read

An Introduction to Overloading Operators (for Beginners by a Beginner)

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6 min read

Who or what inspired you to do programming?

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3 min read

Please don't commit .env

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4 min read

Previewing dev.to's Upcoming Night Mode

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2 min read

Emulating "Private" Variables in JavaScript with Closures and Factory Functions

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5 min read

"Same Reference" vs. "Same Value"

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5 min read

Node.js: Breaking JavaScript out of the browser since 2009

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8 min read

Bitmasks: A very esoteric (and impractical) way of managing booleans

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9 min read

Remembering that "functions are objects" can help in writing more concise code

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5 min read