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Have you invested in crypto yet?

sohaibtariq profile image Sohaib Tariq ・1 min read

The crypto space is buzzing right now. Bitcoin broke past $50,000 and most AltCoins are at all time high levels. Has this boom convinced you to invest yet ? Or are you waiting for the next dip to buy into crypto ? Or are you still skeptical about cryptocurrencies?
Lets get a discussion going, there's not a whole lot about crypto on DEV.

PS: I noticed that some crypto associated tags exist on DEV but I am unable to use them in my post. Does DEV discourage discussions around crypto?

Discussion (4)

ra1nbow1 profile image
Matvey Romanov • Edited

I've invested in BTC last year. It grows rapidly and I'm not going to exchange it yet

iamaamir profile image

As being a block chain dev yes I have invested and I am quite positive

sohaibtariq profile image
Sohaib Tariq Author

Cool! Would love to know if you have any recommendations on learning resources for getting started with blockchain development.

andreidascalu profile image
Andrei Dascalu

well, Dev is not the place to discuss investment. But if you want to discuss the technology behind it, by all means.

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