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Why do you use ?

sohaibtariq profile image Sohaib Tariq ・1 min read

What do you aim to accomplish on dev? are you here for the tutorials? career advice? are you hoping to build connections with people in the tech industry or are you here to build a following? Or maybe you're just here for fun ? 😃
Let me know in the comments below.

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arashnrim profile image

I think I joined Dev more on the learning end than the contributing end — I don't think I'm that good yet to share anything helpful, so I use Dev as a platform to learn more about the tech world — getting to know insights, opinions, and how-tos and contributing to them by reacting or commenting!

In a way, maybe it's networking, getting to meet up with other developers in one place. To me, though, it's a learning journey that keeps exciting with every post I read!

sohaibtariq profile image
Sohaib Tariq Author

Dev is a great community to learn from others. But I disagree with your assumption that you're not good enough to share anything helpful. Don't underestimate yourself. Every 'pro' was a beginner once. Share what you know, and people will appreciate it.

faridzif profile image

I think is like Twitter of the dev world, but with more comprehensive 'tweet' of course. I can do so many stuff here, when I want to learn, when I want to discuss, when I want my opinion to be heard even when I just want to read something. Feel like there always something new and organic here.

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Sohaib Tariq Author

True. It also recently occurred to me that dev has everything that makes tech Twitter great, only its not as limiting in terms of content size/type.

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Margo McCabe

Share resources, learn, and make connections!

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There's always something to learn (or teach)!

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Koray Biçer

Definitely learning with fun from others. Being a part of community makes me feel like a real developer which i am not :)

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I use it to blog mostly.

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Hasip Timurtas

For checking what is going on in the dev world :)

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Ruben Kharel

It's Fast Free and Helpful.

jscoder17 profile image

For the great community! and 4 help