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How to Create Instagram Caption Spacing

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Without adding proper Instagram caption spacing, the visual appearance of your posts or feeds will lose the potential to attract and inspire your audience.

Well, adding Instagram caption spacing isn’t rocket science. Still, many people have trouble getting it right. In fact, it’s actually super easy and will take you no extra time.

So, kiss your caption concerns good-bye! Because we’re here to help you on how to create Instagram caption spacing a breeze.

Let’s dig in!

Note: There is a limit on the number of characters for each text on Instagram, for captions, it is 2,200 and every line-space will be counted as a character.

Write Your Instagram Caption Out on a Note-taking App First

So, how can you add spaces in your Instagram captions for a post?

Here is a trick Instead of directly writing your caption on Instagram,try writing it on one of your phone’s Note-taking app (or a similar app – email drafts can be a good option as well!) first.

You can then copy and paste your caption draft into the app while publishing a new post.

Make Line Breaks using Symbols

The simplest way to add spaces in your Instagram captions is by using symbols.

You can use special characters like a dash (-), star (*) as well as various emojis wherever you require a line break and these special characters will work as a space between caption sentences.

The only issue with this option for adding Instagram caption spacing is that these symbols or characters will be visible to everyone, which might make the caption a little messy for some people.

Try Hiding Your Hashtags With Period (.)

Even though hashtags are used for placing your Instagram posts on relevant search streams where different users including your followers can view it, they tend to make captions look really messy.

One common hack is to push your hashtags under the visible area of the caption by including full-stops. i.e “spaces” between the end of your caption and hashtags.

It will hide your hashtags under the “See More” section so that users will have to click on it in order to see the full caption including hashtags. This is a good way to increase user engagement on your post as well!

Will these practices work for Instagram bios and comments as well?

Yep, these hacks will also work for all Instagram bios and comments.

But, you still need to keep in mind about the character limits that Instagram has on every single one of these text entries you feed in.

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