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How to create a rating system with Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs

In this tutorial, we'll be creating a rating system using Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

See it live and get the code

What are rating systems?

Rating systems are a way to rate content on a website or app. They are used to help users make informed decisions about the content they are viewing. Rating systems can be used for anything from movies and books to products and services.

Uses cases:

  • Shopping: For example, a user can rate a product on a shopping site.
  • Movies: A user can rate a if they like a movie or how well it was made.
  • Books: A customer can rate a book on a website.
  • Products: A user can rate a product on an e-commerce site.
  • Services: A user can rate a service on a website.

Let's get started

This is the structure of the project:
Understanding the code:

  • x-data="{ rating: -1 }": This is the data that will be used to store the rating.
  • <template x-for="(star, index) in [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]" :key="index">: This is the loop that will display the stars.
  • `@click="rating = (rating === index) ?
  • :class="{ 'text-orange-500': index <= rating, 'text-gray-400': index > rating }": This is the event listener that will update the rating when a star is clicked.
  • <span x-text="(rating === -1) ? '0 stars' : rating + 1 + ' stars'" class="text-gray-500"></span>: This is the display of the current rating.

Classes are removed for brevity, but I'll keep those classes relveant to the tutorial.

x-data="{ rating: -1 }">

<!-- Display Stars -->

    @click="rating = (rating === index) ? -1 : index"<br>
    :class="{ 'text-orange-500': index &lt;= rating, 'text-gray-400': index &gt; rating }"&gt;<br>
  &lt;!-- SVG Path goes here--&gt;<br>
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<!-- Display Current Rating -->

x-text="(rating === -1) ? '0 stars' : rating + 1 + ' stars'"



This is a simple rating system that can be used for any type of content, such as movies, books, products, or services. The code is easy to understand and the structure is clear. The use of Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js makes it easy to style the rating system and add interactivity.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a great day!

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