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Webdev use for HTML, CSS and JS

For beginners like me tend to not know how to make the web behave in a certain way. As I just began the journey of developing my first website I had so many questions concerning the differences among JS,CSS and HTML. Wow.. the thing is that you are a beginner and feel like you are so dull. Do not worry. I want to share the same story as yours so that you get encouraged and one day you will be an expert too. Yes it's so difficult especially when you are anxious to learn about Webdev.
Here is how to make use of the differences among HTML CSS and JS.
Did you see a news headline and it was sliding with colored writings in a rectangular format? Well, that was JavaScript producing the behavior of the letters/headlines flipping while the colored decoration and size considerations of the rectangle was CSS siting on the HTML code. Simple isn't it. From today on, you will know that JS produces behavior, CSS makes the coloring, and all styles of the visible arrangement while HTML is the house where the decorated and styled behaviors are sitting or being held.
Thanks guys hope this will make a difference for beginners.
Did you see some news headlines

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