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How to speed your site on Blogger

To speed up your website hosted on blogger is now easy with just few toggling on the blogger platform. Images can be resized and avoid too much photos on your post . A faster website can improve your traffic as many similar information would already be on the web by other sites. So if your site is faster you have more chances of web visitors choosing your site.
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Very interesting that the google platform has realized the importance of doing things to help people provide the best. If you are using blogger for web hosting and management services you know what am talking about here. Go to your blogger and on the left panel choose setting and scroll down. You will see the options on toggle as shown on the pic in this article. Here just enable them and you are done with your first step to speeding up your site.
For example I managed to implement the lazy loading and webp photos in my Smartmen Zambia site. Can you say it has improved the load time of the posts? Please I need your feedback

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