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Alex M. Schapelle
Alex M. Schapelle

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Thus The New Journey Begins

Welcome dear reader. I am your faithful author Silent-Mobius, also known as Alex M. Schapelle.
It is possible that you have read one of my articles before, which you can find under my profile here, to which your "like"s and comments i'll be glad to read.
Yet this short article will not feature any technical matter, but more person note, that reads as follows:
I have joined @szabgab's Open-Source-Development-Course or #OSDC for short. The course focuses on #opensource development and management in wide team of enthusiastic developers who join me mainly but not only, to learn and prosper within flock.
Let us wish ourselves good luck and happy learning to
@adieg @dshisher @shanibmo @ilayni and to others who's users I can not find yet.
In case one of you would like to contribute to my silent-repos, you are welcome to edit my linux book, in case you are more code oriented and wish to contribute to code, I have mazin-docker project that might peak your interests.

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