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Alex M. Schapelle
Alex M. Schapelle

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Journey Of Thousand Pages

Welcome dear reader. I am your thoughtful scribe Silent-Mobius, also known as Alex M. Schapelle.
It is possible that you have stumble one of my previous letters, dear reader, to which your "like"s and comments are always appreciated.

Today we'll take our first step in regards to create custom private landing page on one of the code management platforms, in our case GitHub.

While on #OSDC weekly assignment, of creating static web sites, that has really good tutorial I was able to deploy them with github actions, yet unfortunately it was not clear enough for me, as it took me countless attempts to implement github static pages with Jekyll themes. Many things such as page custom layouts, custom cascading style sheets or logos are NOT straight forward with this system, despite fact the site was created


  • When setting up github pages, only thing needed is content which you write into file.


  • To configure the page one must set list of files and folders:
    • __config.yml: configuration file for theme and logos
    • __layout: folder where we keep the structure of the static page, usually named as default.html, it could be something else, yet I was not brave enough to check it.
    • __include: folder where we can set html pages with special structure to be included in full static page.
      • one must include the page name with {% include page.html%} inside default.html file to be included.


@cameronmcnz has really good video in regards to structure and github pages.


We covered basic task provided at #OSDC, links of good tutorials that can help us with those questions and tasks.
Hope that it has been beneficial to you. Till next time, but until then: Do Try To Have Fun.

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