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Journey Journal

Welcome back dear reader. Let me remind you that I am Silent-Mobius, also known as Alex M. Schapelle, your faithful narrator.
As you might remember, I have applied to short journey of sort, whose main orchestrator is @szabgab, under a code name of #OSCD.
Despite the fact the journey is still under its first steps, I've been willing to remember it with any possible tool I can have under my utility belt.
That is why I've decided, to use #git.
Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Hold Thy Memoirs

On personal note, one thing that is needed to be remembered is code. Although in age of #chatGPT3, code might not be the most required, and that is why Lord Emperor of Human Kind has forbid to use it, we still need to save the parts of code.

Tools are Eternal

Tool named git is the one that we use, and the binary can be downloaded on any *nix system with systems package installer:

apt-get/dnf/yum/brew install -y git # choose one of apt-get/dnf/yum/brew
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In case of Windows OS, one may get it from git web-site.

Know Your CISC

Every tool has its Computing Instruction Set Commands (#CISC)
and git is not exception. Below is a typical commands set that one might start working with git:

mkdir -p ~/Projects/adeptus-ridiculus
cd ~/Projects/adeptus-ridiculus
echo '# This is homage to Adeptus-Ridiculus' >
git init --initial-branch=main
git config --global silent-mobius
git config --global
git add .
git commit -m "adding README file"
git remote add origin 
git push -u origin main
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Use With Routine

When ever one uses git there is usually a routine to go through. In case routine updates, main three commands are in action:

git add . # adding all changed files
git commit -m "adding comment" # staging and adding commenting the changes
git push # pushing the staged files to remote repository
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Remember your memoirs of code with git in the easy way. To get deep understanding with git, you can with official docs or at

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