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Finding Ghost elements with Ghost CSS !

When you spend enough time at the front-end development, There will be some irritating moments where you couldn't figure out what is happening with the margins/paddings and scroll issues.

The ghost-css comes in handly when tackling these problems. We just make the following to all the elements.

* {
    background: #171717 !important;
    color: #EDEDED !important;
    outline: solid #DA0037 1px !important;
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The above code does the following to your website. You can see there is a small problem with the alignment with Silly Project , 2nd one is slightly above.
Without this

Sample Example

The first horizontal line we can see this clearly and the problem is because of the video being different heights.

This 3 lines of code have saved me a lot of debugging with getting to know whats wrong with the code easily.

More use cases and found an existing post on after writing this.

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