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Beyond Coding : The DevOps Tasks I do as a web dev.

1. Using SSH collaboration across Dev Tools.

  • As a developer, you may have found yourself needing to verify code changes or perform hotfixes on production servers. Visual Studio Code's SSH extension allows you to directly connect to remote folders, simplifying the debugging process and . You can navigate through systems as if you're on the server itself, without interfaces or multiple logins. (NeoVim is also good alternative if you know the shortcuts)

  • Connect to SQL servers behind a bastion host with ease using DBeaver and local tunneling. Here's how you can do it.

  • Controlling workflow with Git CLI and SSH. I started on command line then moved to Github Desktop and then back to CLI .I had inconsistencies with fetch and getting latest commits.

2. Going through server logs.

Getting to know the linux commands really comes handy when gazing. The combinations of less and grep brings great deal of analytics and easy problem solving.

Commands I use regularly.
less - view file contents page by page with navigation
tail - view the end of a file or live stream of log data
cat - view a file
grep - search for a specific pattern in a file

I also set up oh-my-zsh that covers most of the terminal enhancements one could have.

3. Using docker for local setups

Streamlining my local development process has never been easier since I started using Docker - now I can effortlessly set up MySQL, MongoDB, and even the operating system, without the hassle of configuring each service individually on my machine.

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