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Just Listed Tech Opportunities - Week #24 of 2022

This is Kamil, founder of the Remote Index - every week I compile a list of fresh remote engineering jobs to help you find your next remote position.

Today, I have 11 of 370 new jobs I want to share with you. Check out all our new jobs from companies like Automattic Careers, Squadformers, Riess Group, Client Server, Landing.Jobs, Lewis Paige, Caribou, Oxford Instruments, Ascent People Ltd and more below!

Let's dive in.

Senior Systems Engineer @ Automattic Careers
full-time senior automation data debugging infrastructure

Systems Engineer @ Automattic Careers
Remote / Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States of America
full-time regular cloud databases dns docker

Software Engineer @ Squadformers
Remote / Palo Alto, California, United States of America
full-time regular less other product startup

Full Stack Shopify Developer @ Riess Group
Remote / Paris, le-de-France, France
40000 - 72000 EUR full-time regular backend css debugging french

Automation Engineer @ Client Server
Remote / Kingston upon Thames, England, United Kingdom
55000 GBP full-time regular agile automation azure c#

Software Engineer @ Landing.Jobs
Remote / Bari, Apulia, Italy
60000 - 85000 EUR full-time regular agile api architecture ci

.Net Developer @ Lewis Paige
Remote / Farringdon, England, United Kingdom
60000 GBP full-time regular .net agile devops html5

Java Developer @ Client Server
Remote / London, England, United Kingdom
80000 GBP full-time regular agile backend financial http

Senior Software Engineer @ Caribou
Remote / Austin, Texas, United States of America
160000 - 185000 USD full-time senior airflow analytics cloud data

Senior Automation Engineer @ Oxford Instruments
Remote / High Wycombe, England, United Kingdom
full-time senior agile appium automation c#

Head Of Data @ Ascent People Ltd
Remote / Wythenshawe, England, United Kingdom
full-time regular analytics customer data engineering

Check all 370 new engineering jobs.

I also share new jobs on our Twitter: @remoteindexco

By the way, do you have any feedback for me? Feature requests? Companies I should add? I built Remote Index for remote workers like you (and me), so I want to hear what can be improved.

You can reach me on Twitter @shmannet at any time.

Many thanks

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