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What to consider when creating a new site?

shearywtan profile image Sheary Tan ・1 min read

Hope you're great ☺️!

Let's help those who wanted to create a site as a portfolio/marketing etc! No matter what level of coding you're in, let's share your thought! 😄

What do you have to consider when creating a new blogging site, personal website, company website etc?

In terms of:


1) The stack you use (MEAN stack, MERN stack, LAMP stack etc)
2) Serverless or not
3) Web design ideas


1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2) Google Adwords
3) How do you reach your audience and promote your site?

And anything you would like to add!

Let's help each other out, happy coding! ☺️

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akashicseer profile image
akashic seer

These days wordpress makes getting a website up super easy and quick unless you need something super specific. Wordpress even has social networking plugins to create a social network or forum plugins. I used to waste my time hand coding websites, I finally just got into wordpress. is wordpress based. I have not done any design work yet. My plan is to create content, then pretty it up.

You will have to have lots of content to get any traffic at all. It takes months to produce the content then you still need to get followers from social networking platforms, search engines etc.

You won't make money with a website either. You have to get massive amounts of traffic to make a penny. Back in the 1990's and early 2000's you could make money on websites with advertising. Now there are so many websites and almost everyone stays on social websites so it is nearly impossible to get traffic at all unless you produce something valuable to people.

You are best off hosting your Wordpress blog in the cloud for $5 a month that is all I spend and my site runs fine. Shoot you can even start your wordpress website on for free no hosting costs. You can then move your website to better hosting later if it takes off.

I'm a geek who has been doing this 15 years so I host mine on a $5 cloud instance. Encryption is provided for free by letsencrypt

shearywtan profile image
Sheary Tan Author

Agree! Wordpress helps you with mostly everything once you've got your site up for just $5. The only thing you've to focus on is the content planning.

Great tips! Thanks for sharing! :D

akashicseer profile image
akashic seer

Here is a tip. Do like I do create pages of resources related to whatever it is you want to blog about. You then link to those pages in your real articles. Google and other search engines like this so they raise your SEO. and put links to your website all around. Otherwise you are just writing for your own mental health and you will get no traffic.

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Shaiju T

Some points: 😄

  1. Great Good looking user friendly landing pages, With good title , images, videos etc Check unbounce for examples.
  2. Make your website load fast. Search for speed, performance , fast load in
  3. Try PWA if required.
  4. Create a Good Sidebar sticky menu for mobile users.
  5. Try One Page if required , to boost one page SEO add the external pages link in the footer.

Hope helps. 👍

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Yaşar Anıl Sansak

I am going to comment solely on the Development part of your question since this is the part I am most comfortable with :)

If the website is going to be only about showing your portfolio or static content, I think GatsbyJS does a wonderful job to fulfill all your needs. It is fast, easy to code(if you know react) and convenient. Also with Netlify, you can host your static website for free(300 build minutes per month is pretty good) and it eliminates a lot of stuff for you.

To answer the design part, it is really up to you. You can always get professional help. If you want to handle the design part yourself, looking at other website designs is always a good idea to get inspired :) You can check behance or dribbble.


Cheers :)

shearywtan profile image
Sheary Tan Author

Yes, GatsbyJS is great, can't agree with this more!

Just had a look on those links, I guess I'm ready to get my hands dirty.. haha. Thanks for the info and the links! :)

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Jean-Michel Fayard 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇴

First get started.
Push something to production, make it publicly available and share it with people.
Everything else is a distraction.

shearywtan profile image
Sheary Tan Author

There are actually way too many noises out there! Like what you said, get started first, and see where it goes :D

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I don't know much about SEO, but I would consider Meta tags and On-site SEO, at the very least.

shearywtan profile image
Sheary Tan Author

Yes, these two are the very basic we have to optimize as a developer. Thanks for sharing! :D

mnlwldr profile image

In the last time, I made few simple pages for friends etc.
I used Jekyll and simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I push everything to GitHub and Netlify do the rest.