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GraphQL endpoint for getting stats of COVID19

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COVID19-APPS-SERIES (5 Part Series)

1) πŸ†˜πŸ†˜ NOVEL CORONAVIRUS πŸ†˜πŸ†˜ Daily Reports And World Map 2) New UI for Covid-19 tracker and PWA support 3) GraphQL endpoint for getting stats of COVID19 4) COVID 19 SEARCH ENGINE 5) PWA FOR INDIAN COVID19 HELP AND STATS

I,ve created a GraphQL endpoint for getting stats of COVID19.
Use it and send a pull on REPO, I'll add it to the showcase.

Also I welcome all those who want to make it better. :)


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I really want to use this API! I tried to use this in a codesandbox and got a "Network error: Failed to fetch" error. Do I need to so anything special to use this?


Did u tried again, it's not a normal API btw you'll have to use a lil different code perform the fetch on /graphql


Can you please include that different code in your readme/docs to help? I tried it in code sandbox, and now again locally with create-react-app with Apollo set up. Still no luck


Let me see and resolve the problem


Thanks for posting this gql server! This is an interesting distraction in difficult times


Could you provide a coordinates(longitude, latitude) endpoint as well? :)

You're a champ man! Thank you so much! :D

I'll leave you a link here once I am done building the app :)


Done! ✌️😷

I found an inconsistency from your numbers and mine in Italy. Do you know why?

Cool submit a PR on repo...

and Why


Thanks !
You should also add yesterdayCases and yesterdayDeaths because most of the daily data are partial.


You're welcome...
Okay I'll add it by today night

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