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Atom: useful plugins

setevoy profile image Arseny Zinchenko Originally published at on ・3 min read

Usually, I’m using vim almost for everything excepting big Python projects (which happen rarely last time). In such cases, I have PyCharm, which is also used for AWS CloudFormation templates with the aws-cloudformation plugin.

For the Go lang programmes, I have used vim with the vim-go plugin but on last weekend I tried the Atom editor and looks very nice.

So in this post – a few useful Atom plugins to make work easier.

This list isn’t full so please feel free to suggest other plugins in comments.

Installing Atom

AS usually on Linux – absolutely simple.

On Arch can be installed using the pacman:

$ sudo pacman -S atom


You can install a plugin with Atom UI from the Edit > Preferences > Packages, or from a console with the atm install command:

$ apm install --help

Usage: apm install [<package_name>...]

apm install <package_name>@<package_version>

apm install <git_remote>



Will highlight the selected variable or function name in a whole code.


$ apm install highlight-selected
Installing highlight-selected to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Restart Atom and check:


Will add an icon near each file depending on its language.


$ apm install file-icons
Installing file-icons to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Out from the box Atom is able to open recent for projects only.

open-recent adds the facility to open last directories/files as well:

$ apm install open-recent
Installing open-recent to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Adds a console directly to the editor:

$ apm install platformio-ide-terminal
Installing platformio-ide-terminal to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Well… A linter!

Will check your code and displays warnings:

$ apm install linter
Installing linter to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

And its dependencies:

$ apm install linter-ui-default intentions busy-signal
Installing linter-ui-default to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing intentions to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing busy-signal to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Then for each language add its own linter.

For C/С++ etc the linter-clang can be used:

$ apm install linter-clang
Installing linter-clang to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


For the Go lang – linter-golinter:


Add documentation, more precise autocomplete using gocode, etc:

$ apm install go-plus
Installing go-plus to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Optional dependencies:

$ apm install go-debug go-signature-statusbar atom-ide-ui
Installing go-debug to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing go-signature-statusbar to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing atom-ide-ui to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

And an example:


Displays a “map” of a currently opened file:

$ apm install Minimap
Installing Minimap to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

In general – that’s all for now.

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