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Atom: useful plugins

Usually, I’m using vim almost for everything excepting big Python projects (which happen rarely last time). In such cases, I have PyCharm, which is also used for AWS CloudFormation templates with the aws-cloudformation plugin.

For the Go lang programmes, I have used vim with the vim-go plugin but on last weekend I tried the Atom editor and looks very nice.

So in this post – a few useful Atom plugins to make work easier.

This list isn’t full so please feel free to suggest other plugins in comments.

Installing Atom

AS usually on Linux – absolutely simple.

On Arch can be installed using the pacman:

$ sudo pacman -S atom


You can install a plugin with Atom UI from the Edit > Preferences > Packages, or from a console with the atm install command:

$ apm install --help

Usage: apm install [<package_name>...]

apm install <package_name>@<package_version>

apm install <git_remote>



Will highlight the selected variable or function name in a whole code.


$ apm install highlight-selected
Installing highlight-selected to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Restart Atom and check:


Will add an icon near each file depending on its language.


$ apm install file-icons
Installing file-icons to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Out from the box Atom is able to open recent for projects only.

open-recent adds the facility to open last directories/files as well:

$ apm install open-recent
Installing open-recent to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Adds a console directly to the editor:

$ apm install platformio-ide-terminal
Installing platformio-ide-terminal to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


Well… A linter!

Will check your code and displays warnings:

$ apm install linter
Installing linter to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

And its dependencies:

$ apm install linter-ui-default intentions busy-signal
Installing linter-ui-default to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing intentions to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing busy-signal to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Then for each language add its own linter.

For C/С++ etc the linter-clang can be used:

$ apm install linter-clang
Installing linter-clang to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓


For the Go lang – linter-golinter:


Add documentation, more precise autocomplete using gocode, etc:

$ apm install go-plus
Installing go-plus to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

Optional dependencies:

$ apm install go-debug go-signature-statusbar atom-ide-ui
Installing go-debug to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing go-signature-statusbar to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓
Installing atom-ide-ui to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

And an example:


Displays a “map” of a currently opened file:

$ apm install Minimap
Installing Minimap to /home/setevoy/.atom/packages ✓

In general – that’s all for now.

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