Do you prefer handwritten or typed notes?

scrabill profile image Shannon Crabill ・1 min read

After writing about my note-taking process, I started to wonder how other developers keep their notes.

Which note-taking format do you prefer? Have you experimented with other notetaking formats?


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Typed, so I can read them🤣😂.


I use pen and paper for designing and problem solving. Anything I want to keep I write a .md file and push it to a private git repository.

I will one day compile all my notes into private wikis... hopefully 🙂


A wiki is another approach I have been thinking about taking. A bookmarks folder has not been useful to me.


It depends on the context. If it's a deep dive / requirements meeting, I prefer paper as it's easier to diagram and do margin notes. For most everything else, I take notes on my phone - we don't have laptops at our shop


Paper notes make sense in this context. You can jot down what makes sense at the time and clarify/organize later if needed.


I prefer hand written notes because, personally, it makes me pay attention and absorb the information more than just typing it out.


Hand written, barely legible notes, diagrams and scribbles.


Typed. My notes come out more organized and my handwriting is horrid.


evernote has been very useful for my note taking process.


I love take notes in Markdown. Bear app is my favorite to do this.
Buuut, for very very important things, I write in a little notebook


Oh, Bear looks cool.