How do you balance social media and work?

scrabill profile image Shannon Crabill ・1 min read

I'll admit, I'm spoiled in that my current role allows me to work from home. So, Twitter or my favorite Slack group isn't too far away.

In the tech or developer space, being active in the community is a big part of it. But it can easily take over if you are not careful.

How do you balance keeping up with social media while also getting work done?


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Lol. I'm sposd to be learning a new stack right now. And I'm on dev.to....so there goes any credibility I have on this subject lol.
On the real tho, I take maybe 5-10 mins per day to check and see. I turn off notifications for Twitter and slack so when I check it is WHEN I WANT to check it.


I follow Udemy as primary social site though it is not xd. Have completed 3 full courses to add to my skill set with hands on project for each of them passions continues. I am shopping more on udemy these days than amazon, lol. Deleted my facebook account[yes, downloaded all images and video ONLY], i have a twitter troll account for fun nothing at all related to know people, though my dp is real, none of my contacts can identify me.

KeepLearning #Learning


I tend to tweet silly comments about coding when I am at work. That's actually when I post the most.

For browsing it depends how focused I am. If I'm tired and struggling to focus my procrastination goes up and I start to browse more.


I hear you with struggling = procrastination.


I just avoid social media i am only on dev.to because people aren't yelling politics at each other.


I agree, I just use dev for actually interacting since peeps here are pretty civil. I technically have Facebook but I only use it for events.


Use a good productivity app.
I use Pocket to save all of the links that I want to explore in the future and Quire to manage my task list.


I've used Pocket for years, but I rarely go back to read the articles I've added.

If I don't read them the day I find it, I tend to let them go. I need to work on digital decluttering.


Multiple tabs are great. Ctrl +2 when the boss comes scouting. Or we share equally comedic memes when it's not so busy


I stop on here once a day if I can. I have no business being on the rest of social media unless I want to feel sorry for myself.


I leave my cellphone at home. That's it!


I keep moving towards a social media site.. suddenly i snap and stop using it. Then i again go back to it