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Behind the Helm (May 2023)

This is the web edition of the Behind the Helm, Scaleway's monthly Kubernetes newsletter. For the best Kubernetes news in your inbox every month, subscribe today!

Hello lovely subscribers!

It’s been something of a quiet month in the Kubernetes world (is such a thing even possible?) as we all recover from a hectic April. Nonetheless, we’ve got a round-up of news and tidbits for you to enjoy on your coffee break.

With version 1.27 having been released last month, Google’s Kubernetes Podcast interviewed Xander Grzywisnk, the release lead for 1.27. If you want to know all about the ins and outs of complex software releases, give it a listen.

Kubernetes v1.27.2 was released on the 17th March! As a patch, it’s mostly bug fixes and error handling updates; no major feature releases, but plenty of quality-of-life upgrades. You can read about each of them in more detail on the official K8s blog.

Toronto celebrated its first KubeHuddle on the 17th and 18th, bringing together speakers and community members from around the world. KubeHuddle is a community-run conference series which began in Edinburgh last year, aiming to provide a space for beginners and experts alike to share knowledge and make connections.

For anyone who’d like to get in on all the conference hype without leaving the comfort of your own home, PlatformCon is fast approaching! On the 8th and 9th of June you’ll be able to see talks from DevOps and platform engineering leaders; it’s completely free and completely virtual. What’s not to love?

As for in-person conferences, our very own Devrel team will be off to DevOpsDays Amsterdam in June! We’re looking forward to seeing some awesome talks, meeting colleagues from across the industry, and making new friends. If you’ll be there, let us know so we can keep an eye out!

As always, we’ve attached this month’s crossword. This one is cryptic, but you can pester me on Twitter for hints!

May your CI pipelines never fail,


Eli & the rest of the Scaleway team

p.s. Here’s this month’s cryptic crossword!

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