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Behind the Helm (August 2023)

This is the web edition of the Behind the Helm, Scaleway's monthly Kubernetes newsletter. For the best Kubernetes news in your inbox every month, subscribe today!

Hello lovely subscribers!

I hope you’ve had a great summer so far. At Scaleway, the latest additions to our changelog have all been about databases; it’s clearly the summer of data.

Kubernetes 1.28 is out! This edition brings us better recovery from unexpected node shutdown, longer lead times between API server and node version updates, and a whole host of features entering the alpha phase.

Marino Wijay and Matt Turner joined David Flanagan and Laura Sanatamaria for another episode of Cloud Native Compass, this time around Istio’s new Ambient Mesh offering. Give it a listen if you want to stay on the cutting edge of the service mesh world!

Last week’s edition of the Scaleway Sessions featured Thibault Lengagne from Padok, taking us through two different attack scenarios on a K8s cluster used to deploy a vulnerable web app. We had an absolute blast chatting with Thibault; you can check out the recording here.

On that episode we also talked about a number of tools that are out there to help developers keep their clusters safe, including using Kyverno to double check that your pods really do only have the permissions they need. If you’ve watched the latest Scaleway Sessions linked above, read this blog post from Kyverno to know more about how to mitigate one of the vulnerabilities we exploited!

Lastly, we at Scaleway would like to note with great sadness the passing of Kris Nóva, a trailblazing developer, community builder and Kubernetes contributor. Her work in distributed systems and open-source development has left an enormous legacy, and she will be much missed.

May your deployments be smooth and your pipelines never fail,

Eli & the Scaleway team

PS. I’ve been on vacation this month, so there’s no crossword this time around—stay tuned for the next edition!

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