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Guide to Using the Stable Diffusion API: Testing and Implementation Online

The Stable Diffusion Application Programming Interface (API) is a sophisticated framework designed to enhance the distribution and stability of data in digital environments. It provides developers, artists, and tech enthusiasts with the necessary protocols and tools to disseminate data efficiently, ensuring stability, consistency, and scalability, especially invaluable when handling extensive data volumes without sacrificing reliability.

Using the power of cloud computing, the Stable Diffusion API enables the creation of high-quality AI-generated images, bypassing the need for local configurations or specific hardware. This capability ensures a streamlined and effective user experience for generating images.

Understanding Pricing for the Stable Diffusion API

Upon creating an account, every new user receives 25 complimentary credits applicable in DreamStudio and the API itself.

Each additional credit can be purchased for US$1, granting 100 credits. Standard image generation costs 0.2 credits per image, with a standard processing step count of 30.

It's important to note that "step" denotes the number of diffusion or iterative steps undertaken throughout the image generation process.


Price Modifications for 2022

Cost varies based on model generation. Here's a breakdown:

For Images:

  • Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 vs. Stable Diffusion 1.6: The former offers standard features at a rate of 0.20 per step=30, while the latter boasts a high-speed processing feature at 0.24.

For Editing:

  • Options include "search-and-replace" for altering image details at 4.00, or "inpainting" to edit images at 3.00.

For Upscaling:

  • Choices range from "Creative Upscale" improving quality to 4k at 25.00, or "REAL-ESRGAN X2" focusing on detail enhancement at 0.2.

For Videos:

  • A short video generation feature is available for 20.00.

Setting Up and Authenticating Stable Diffusion API

Steps to Authenticate:

1、Register for an account on and complete the verification process.


2、Retrieve your API keys from the account section.


Implementing the Stable Diffusion API

After securing your API key token, you can utilize Apidog, an all-encompassing development tool for API. It offers versatility whether you're initiating a new API project or importing an existing one.

Apidog Use Cases:

  1. Checking Account Balance:
Method: GET
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Input your API keys in the Headers for Authorization.




  1. Generating Text to Image:
Method: POST
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Specify the engine_id to select the model version.


Required Body Parameters:

  • text_prompts: Define the text prompt and an optional weight.


"text_prompts": [       
        "text": "describe the image",       
        "weight": 0.5       
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After executing commands, convert the received base64 string into an image to view the result.


For an exhaustive list of methods and features, visit

In Conclusion

The Stable Diffusion API marks a pivotal advancement in data distribution technologies, offering a robust framework for developers to create systems that are both reliable and scalable. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, harnessing the power of data effectively will be crucial. Through the Stable Diffusion API, seamless data exchange and innovation are made possible, paving the way for significant growth and development across numerous sectors.

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