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How to get a Million of Machine Learning Predictions at the Tip of Your Fingers

Ever wondered how innovation is born? No, light bulbs don't really illuminate above the head of geniuses when an epiphany strikes them. :)

The Catalyst

To create such magic you always need a catalyst. Something to spark a reaction towards changing the status quo. Normally this thing is a problem, but not any kind - it must be a real-pain-in-the-butt kind of problem.

Maybe it is a manual task you do over and over again, a time-consuming and seriously stressful process that is just too expensive to alter and delays your progress. Or it could also be the impossibly high barrier of adoption for using modern technologies like Machine Learning and AI that diminishes your projects’ success.

Whatever it is, a problem becomes a catalyst when the lack of a solution gets unbearable.

Machine Learning Made Simple - The Beginning

At SashiDo we couldn't bear seeing developers facing such limitations when it comes to innovation and using new technologies for solving complex problems. We firmly believe that Machine Learning technologies have evolved to the point when they can be integrated into any project without too much hassle and expenses.

It has always been our mission to simplify technologies and today we take on a new challenge - to bring Machine Learning closer to single developers and teams of all sizes by making it affordable and accessible.

We will start breaking the barrier to Machine Learning by introducing you to a fully open-sourced solution for Content Moderation that gives you a million predictions at the tips of your fingers!

Like and comment below if you're as excited as we are for creating better apps using Machine Learning.

The best is yet to come so stay tuned!

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