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AI & Data Career Pathways Deconstructed

Lack of clarity when deciding a career pathway, can be really stressful πŸ˜“ I have been receiving many questions and seeing a lot of confusion on this topic, so instead of continuing to answer individual questions, I decided to address them once and for all.

Developing an AI project is not a one person feat. It involves various technical roles and tasks. In this video I deconstruct them both and also go over skills needed and tools used in industry.

βœ”οΈTasks covered: Data Engineering, Modeling, Deployment, Business Analysis, Infrastructure, Research
βœ”οΈRoles compared: Data Analyst vs Data Scientist vs Applied Scientist vs AI Researcher vs ML Engineer vs Software Engineer

With the hope that you find this concise yet comprehensive walk-through helpful and you are walking away with clarity and can make informed career decisions.

Best of luck with the journey ahead! 🌟

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