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Brand new tech stack for your next project

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but there's a new "TECHNOLOGY" in town. Yes! you guessed it, I'm talking about Deno.
Apparently it is the Next Big Thing, who knows, definitely not me 😅.
Anyways, I was just sitting on my desk and thought of something that could very well be revolutionary, 2 brand new tech stacks using Deno and asked myself "Why not pick the brains of the great folks on Dev?"

  1. The MAD Stack 😜 - MongoDB + Angular + Deno
  2. The SAD Stack 😥 - SQL + Angular + Deno

Please share your views in the box thingy below. 😊

Who knows maybe Youtube will be flooding with tutorials on the MAD stack in the near future.

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leob • Edited on

I feel kind of sad (SQL Angular Deno) that everyone's going gaga and jumping on the Deno bandwagon when Deno is really just a glorified "Node-plus-TS-built-in-clone-also-built-on-V8-but-lacking-npm" when there's other technology which is really that much more innovative, like Elixir or Rust (both of which promote FP - functional programming).

Deno is "new" and that's it, I fail to see what's revolutionary about it.

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Gaurav Saini Author

My main intent here was just some light hearted humour but I totally agree with you on this one. At first I was also super pumped for Deno but after playing around with it for a while I realised the only thing I liked was the extra security. It is cool and all but for me it is not something I would want to move to Deno for.

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Haha, totally right ... I do appreciate the humor, and good that we agree on this. Deno is okay but we can say it's a little bit over-hyped.