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Sahil Rajput on November 19, 2018

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I tweeted about this article yesterday and it blew up on my feed. Check out the data below (so far). Turns out there is a huge demand for such resources!



Code Mentor is wonderful. I got my start on codementor years ago as a mentee, and now I'm a mentor :D

<plug> If you get stuck in HTML/CSS/JS including node and want to book a session with me, check me out at </plug>


Hello there!

What a great resource! For stream coders, i want to suggest my channel as well, and i'm looking for feedback to improve my streams! and there, you had all my social networks links!

Cheers! :D


Great channel. I added your channel in "Watch others code" section


thank you so much <3

You can edit with: "Live coding projects and hunger learner" :P


Thanks for that. Particularly for the Video Tutorials links!

By the way, the anchor links don't work for me.


I think this would be more useful broken into separate sections - for example a post on "what do people recommend for video tutorials" where people can say why a particular site is included vs. the innumerable other sites which do the same thing. As it is, it's a little difficult to use - and the more things you put in it the quicker the links will rot!


Hi Sahil,
This is Jeet and i am following your a long while. Your post encourage me and the result is i became a blogger. I am not good as much you but i have learnt a lot from you. I made a blog which is about downloading whatsapp status videos.


Hi Jeet,

Thank you, I am glad that my work encouraged you. I am also not a very good writer I just write about anything I want.

Keep it up :)

PS: My source of encouragement is Sakshi Tiwari


Very interesting resources, plenty of new websites to learn new things ! Thanks =)


Nice find! Plenty of resources to wander around when I want to... wander around. 🤩

Also, shameless advertisement of my resource list mostly made of free stuff. 😁


OMG, where to get the time to read all those goodies that have caught my eye? Thank you for this list!


Have been waiting for something like this. Great find. Thanks :)


Its an early Christmas present. Thanks for the treasure chest :)


In my case or people similar to me, these long laundry lists become more overwhelming than they're helpful. But nice for other people who can make use of it.


Great list! ;)
I'll like to add in the "When you get stuck" the, a lot of documents, easy to search and you can use Offline. :D


Awesome list, a ton of amazing resources on there!! 👏👏👏


"Vsauce : The best youtube channel" You got that right!!


This is a massive list! thanks for the recompilation Sahil! I'll look at this resources !


Great list! Plenty of interesting resources to check out. Thanks.


If you guys like awesome resources, I suggest you to have a look at awesome lists on github:

sindresorhus / awesome

:sunglasses: Curated list of awesome lists

What is an awesome list?    Contribution guide    Creating a list    Twitter    Stickers & t-shirts

Just type to go here. Check out my blog and follow me on Twitter.




Hey Sahil,

great article!

Please take a look at It's a job board specifically for developers that I recently created.


David :-)


I made a service called that lets you share files and host static html files without any signup.

Maybe it can come in handy if you need free hosting for your files or projects. I would really appreciate some feedback on how to improve it and make it more useful!

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