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Useful resources for programmers.

Sahil Rajput
just another programmer...
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List of some useful resources.

Table of Content

  1. Websites
  2. Python
  3. JavaScript


Lists of some useful websites for programmers

1. When you get stuck
2. News
3. Magazines
4. Coding practice for beginners
5. Cryptocurrency
6. For those who want to start a small project but can't find the ideas
7. General Coding advice
8. Coding Style
9. General Tools
10. Interview Preparation
11. Documentaries
12. MOOCs for learning something new
13. Sites related to your preferred programming language (For me Java)
14. Learn AI
15. Seminar , research writing , talks etc
16. Everything in one place
17. YouTube Channels
18. Good Articles
19. Bash and Shell scripting
20. Podcasts
21. Building a Simple Compiler/Interpreter
22. Watch others code
       - Pedro Cruz : Online coding tutorials on Twitch
23. Tutorials
24. What should a programmer know
25. Competitive programming
26. Computer Books
27. Video Tutorials
28. Online Compiler and Sharing Code snippets
29. Blogs of Developers
30. For improving your English
31. When you get bored from CS related stuff
32. Open Source Websites
33. Internships
34. Jobs

Source: Github by sdmg15
Repo License: MIT


List of Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

1. Admin Panels
2. Algorithms and Design Patterns
3. Anti-spam
4. Asset Management
5. Audio
6. Authentication
7. Build Tools
8. Built-in Classes Enhancement
9. Caching
10. ChatOps Tools
11. Cluster Computing
12. CMS
13. Code Analysis
14. Command-line Tools
15. Compatibility
16. Computer Vision
17. Concurrency and Parallelism
18. Configuration
19. Cryptography
20. Data Analysis
21. Data Validation
22. Data Visualization
23. Database Drivers
24. Database
25. Date and Time
26. Debugging Tools
27. Deep Learning
28. DevOps Tools
29. Distribution
30. Documentation
31. Downloader
32. E-commerce
33. Editor Plugins and IDEs
34. Email
35. Environment Management
36. Files
37. Foreign Function Interface
38. Forms
39. Functional Programming
40. Game Development
41. Geolocation
42. GUI
43. Hardware
44. HTML Manipulation
45. HTTP
46. Image Processing
47. Implementations
48. Interactive Interpreter
49. Internationalization
50. Job Scheduler
51. Logging
52. Machine Learning
53. Miscellaneous
54. Natural Language Processing
55. Network Virtualization
56. Networking
57. News Feed
58. ORM
59. Package Management
60. Package Repositories
61. Permissions
62. Processes
63. Queue
64. Recommender Systems
65. RESTful API
66. Robotics
67. RPC Servers
68. Science
69. Search
70. Serialization
71. Serverless Frameworks
72. Specific Formats Processing
73. Static Site Generator
74. Tagging
75. Template Engine
76. Testing
77. Text Processing
78. Third-party APIs
79. URL Manipulation
80. Video
81. Web Content Extracting
82. Web Crawling & Web Scraping
83. Web Frameworks
84. WebSocket
85. WSGI Servers
86. Services
      86.1 Code Quality
      86.2 Continuous Integration
87. Resources
      87.1 Podcasts
      87.2 Twitter
      87.3 Websites
      87.4 Weekly

Source: Github by vinta
Repo License: Attribution 4.0 International


A collection of browser-side JavaScript libraries and resources.


  1. Package Managers
  2. Loaders
  3. Bundlers
  4. Testing Frameworks
  5. QA Tools
  6. MVC Frameworks and Libraries
  7. Node-Powered CMS Frameworks
  8. Templating Engines
  9. Articles/Posts
  10. Data Visualization

           10.1 Timeline
           10.2 Spreadsheet

  11. Editors

  12. Documentation

  13. Utilities

           13.1 Files
           13.2Functional Programming
          13.3 Reactive Programming
          13.4 Data Structure
          13.5 Date
          13.6 String
          13.7 Number
          13.8 Storage
          13.9 Color
          13.10 I18n And L10n
          13.11 Control Flow
          13.12 Routing
          13.13 Security
          13.14 Log
          13.15 RegExp
          13.16 Media
          13.17 Voice Command
          13.18 API
                - fakeJSON -You can use the API for you frontend development, end to end testing, regression testing, rapid prototyping, data generation, and more.
          13.19 Streaming
          13.20 Vision Detection
          13.21 Browser Detection
          13.22 Benchmark
          13.23 Machine Learning

  14. UI

          14.1 Code Highlighting
          14.2 Loading Status
          14.3 Validation
          14.4 Keyboard Wrappers
          14.5 Tours And Guides
          14.6 Notifications
          14.7 Sliders
          14.8 Range Sliders
          14.9 Form Widgets
          14.10 Tips
          14.11 Modals and Popups
          14.12 Scroll
          14.13 Menu
          14.14 Table/Grid
          14.15 Frameworks
          14.16 Boilerplates

  15. Gesture

  16. Maps

  17. Typography

  18. Animations

  19. Image processing

  20. ES6

  21. SDK

  22. Misc

  23. Podcasts

  24. Worth Reading

Source: Github by sorrycc
Repo License: Public Domain Dedication

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I tweeted about this article yesterday and it blew up on my feed. Check out the data below (so far). Turns out there is a huge demand for such resources!


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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

Code Mentor is wonderful. I got my start on codementor years ago as a mentee, and now I'm a mentor :D

<plug> If you get stuck in HTML/CSS/JS including node and want to book a session with me, check me out at </plug>

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Shayari Gyan

Wow, Nice my friend What a great resource!

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Pedro Cruz

Hello there!

What a great resource! For stream coders, i want to suggest my channel as well, and i'm looking for feedback to improve my streams! and there, you had all my social networks links!

Cheers! :D

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Sahil Rajput Author

Great channel. I added your channel in "Watch others code" section

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Pedro Cruz • Edited

thank you so much <3

You can edit with: "Live coding projects and hunger learner" :P

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Abraham Ali

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thanks a lot

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Neha Sharma

Hi Sahil!
I just love to read your posts. And even I have learnt HTMl,CSS,JS, and Python by following you. I have designed my first website also Free WhatsApp Status Video Download

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Sahil Rajput Author

Hi Neha,
Thank you I am glad that you liked my post.

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Dalmo Mendonça

Thanks for that. Particularly for the Video Tutorials links!

By the way, the anchor links don't work for me.

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Ben Sinclair

I think this would be more useful broken into separate sections - for example a post on "what do people recommend for video tutorials" where people can say why a particular site is included vs. the innumerable other sites which do the same thing. As it is, it's a little difficult to use - and the more things you put in it the quicker the links will rot!

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Ny Thyatdora


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Myo Zaw Latt

Thanks with <3

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Attitude king

I think this would be more useful broken into separate sections - for example a post on "what do people recommend for video tutorials" where people can say why a particular site is included vs. the innumerable other sites which do the same thing. As it is, it's a little difficult to use - and the more things you put in it the quicker the links will rot! Good Morning Images

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Anu Sethi

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Pedro Thales

Ty for this <3

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Vesi Staneva

I love articles for sharing resources and this one is definitely 🔝! This is the best way to exchange knowledge and pass on from your experience.

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Gabriel Arazas

Nice find! Plenty of resources to wander around when I want to... wander around. 🤩

Also, shameless advertisement of my resource list mostly made of free stuff. 😁

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Anna Simoroshka

OMG, where to get the time to read all those goodies that have caught my eye? Thank you for this list!

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Have been waiting for something like this. Great find. Thanks :)

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Sonkeng Maldini

Thanks for sharing :smile:

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Very interesting resources, plenty of new websites to learn new things ! Thanks =)

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Supriyo Khan

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Tons of resources. Awesome!!

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I just found a box of treasure. Thanks! 😁