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inDepth.dev Writer, Tech Speaker, Podcast Host, OSS Contributor, Microsoft MVP


B.Sc. in Computer Science, Aalborg University


Frontend Architect at Systemate A/S

No, I don't want to become an Angular GDE

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Angular struggles in 2020

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Presentational components with Angular (excerpt)

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Create a component harness for your tests with Angular CDK (excerpt)

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Tiny Angular application projects in Nx workspaces (excerpt)

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A look at major features in the Angular Ivy version 9 release (excerpt)

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Next-level testing in Angular Ivy version 9 (excerpt)

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How you can help Angular in 2020 (excerpt)

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The Angular Ivy guide for library authors (excerpt)

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Top 15 Angular inDepth articles of 2019 (excerpt)

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Component features with Angular Ivy (excerpt)

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How to get up and running with Angular on Windows

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Sorry C# and Java developers, this is not how TypeScript works

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Why Angular INDEPTH is one-of-a-kind and how I joined the cause

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