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Build like a chad🗿 #1.1

So, i am starting a small blog series on

  • Episode-1.1

So i wanted to create a physics engine in c++ from SCRATCH (not Mit) so i wanted to create a physics engine .

I .. had no idea how to start ?
So , i searched ... a lot ..(*for3days)
And planned to use a graphics library .
I heard about something called a graphics library (GL)

I downloaded SFML.. but (it failed badly)
Idk why sfml files or something was not working properly .
So .. i deleted it.
Then i downloaded SDL (*yeah)
It worked ..
Now What?
What should i do next ?
How do i start ?
Hoowow can a nub coder code a physics engine ???

I had many questions but 0 ideas to start .
So i downloaded an ebook to learn how to make a physics engine from scratch .. so now im reading it to start my project .
If you have any suggestions (pls i need them) you can help a junior code (*me) .
You may ask , but why i want to do this .... i have godot on my computer or i can use any other library , why i will create a physics engine .
So the answer is ........

I want

I want to make it because im dont want to be a ideal programmer in the eyes of a mnc staff engineer who knows react, graphql, (*some fancy techs)
I want to be a unique , independent , indie dev .
Who works at very low level , and build things from scratch(*not mit scratch)

I wnat to be a developer who's projects which are some library or frmework are used in big tech companies (*ooooooo thuglife)


Help me

Join FreeDevs .... (*my community to be a independent developer)
FreeDevs :

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