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Rudransh Bhardwaj
Rudransh Bhardwaj

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I released A Physics Engine in GoLang 🔥


<h2>A simple Physics Engine in GoLang</h2>
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Github :

Release v1.0

We are finally releasing our physics engine Physix.go after working for hours and solving many bugs

Features we are introducing :-

  • Basic Position and Velocity of Object
  • Added Force to a body
  • Easy integrate with graphics ebiten.go
  • Polygons and their collision (docs pending)
  • Vector Algebra and related function
  • All Docs and 10+ example project
  • Collision detection of Circle and Rectangles
  • Collision Resolution for Circle and Rectangle
  • Static Body and Mass property

Thanks for joining us
Ask any question any time
New contributors can contribute here (if you have any doubt related to code or want to code anything , just start an issue I will tell you)
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Rudransh Bhardwaj

try it now
and contribute also