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You've got pets. You've got pictures of your pets. You love your pets. But most importantly, we love to see pictures of your pets.


I'll start. Here is Momo. (Avatar, not creepy internet thing.)

My cat, Momo.

Here is Willy. (That's Willy as in "Sir William T. Pupperton III." No other meaning/connotation intended.)

My dog, Willy.

And here is a bonus glamour shot of Willy.

My dog, Willy, but fabulous.

Ready, go!


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Cute puppy

This was my little bear, he passed away a month ago. I miss him a lot, I really doubt I'll get another pet for now 😅


Aww I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing him with us.


I love white face Goldens.

From someone who is on his3rd. My deepest and sincerest condolences.




Sir Fluffington

Foo Foo Cuddly Poops

All this cat:

And then Chubchub

(not their actual names -- they just respond to these ones)

Next time there's a thread on pets, I should post the pics of my cats hissing at Santa


I am happy that your cat responds to chubchub. And foo foo cuddly poops is very noble. 😃


He's also floofaloof, which I use at night to convince him to come to bed from the living room (the apartment is only like 2 rooms anyway).

They're from the same litter, but Fluff has always been lean and had a lot of health issues last year ($12k later he's fine) so he tends to be between 10lbs and 12lbs. His brother, same genetics, is at least 16lbs. He is certainly chubchub. Just don't jiggle his belly while chanting chub chub chub chub chub... I bled.

I’m sorry to hear about fluff’s health issues. But glad he’s ok! And yeah, we definitely don’t play “I play drums on my tummy” with momo either. Maybe.

If you named Momo after Avatar The Last Airbender (I see how that patterning could work!), you might appreciate that Fluff's "official" name he rarely answers to is Iroh and Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is totally an important character as well.

We were at the hospital 3 times last year, and only once did someone pronounce Iroh right as they knew the show.

We were this close to naming Willy Appa because he’s the big galoomba to little momo. But Willy fits him better.

I can see it <3

Fluff used to be poised and refined like a general (still is if he isn't zoomy) and had fluff behind his ears that made him look like a little old man.

Somehow Fluff lost the fluff and chubchub gained it as they aged, so Fluff don't look like the sage old man he once was.


My cat, Mowm, black with a white chin

My cat, Runty, very large and rolled over on his back

My cats are Mowm and Runty! Mowm is small with a white chin and Runty is W I D E with a very short tail.


Aww they’re wonderful!


The Newest One - Sprout/Blooper
(still deciding on a name)

The Floofiest One - Ellie

The Eldest One - Mocha

The Calmest One - Pigwidgeon "Pig"

Named such because she lives with the not-shown 'Honeyduke' (guinea pig) and we wanted to be able to call the two of them "The Pigs" (while also remaining on theme. Before Pig we had another guinea pig named 'Sickle')

All great names, but pigwidgeon definitely takes the cake!


I've accepted that it's the most clever name we will ever have for an animal.


Cute! They are all wonderful and I love them. Thank you!


My lazy office-mate, Harvey:

And Delilah:


I have the same name as your cat. How cool is that?


They are great! Harvey is a master of stealth!


Haha we have a comforter which is an even better match for his coat, we have definitely sat on him multiple times in fill light because he blends in so well.


I only have one pet (for now), so here is Elvira


What a cutie!


I'd like to take this chance to thank @mariocsee for making my furbabies into icons on Slack:


And of course, if you want to see them in full (plus loads of other pets), check this related post out! 😸😸😸


Here we go! Same one as my profile pic.

cat lying on the bed


Ruby has her own Instagram account, I occasionally make a cameo.


I will like all posts about Ruby. She’s dynamic!


This is the kind of content I crave.



Toulouse, helping(?) with some Teraform code.
(follow him, @crypto_toulouse on ig :P)


My sisters pets ...

Percy. 10% sass, 90% derp and girl about town


Fleur. Knitting enthusiast and totally floofy





Cute! Photogenic pup.


here's willow in her lil boots:


I am dying. This is too much. Her boots are so lil.


This guy warms my heart everyday.
My little boy


Aw he looks like somebody’s little grandpa! So cute!


This is Luna.

She's the best.


She has such floofy ears!!


I knowwwww ❤️💥🐶


Here's our English Bulldog - Burger:

When we first got her

Chillin' by the fireplace

Studying for an exam

Fighting the sprinkler

Now she's the best big sister any kid could ask ❤️

Oh my gosh she’s such an amazing role model!


Her name is Captain Phasma.
guinea pig


My good boi, Harambae!


This doggy dog was following my son. So, now she living with us


Aww cutie!


In additing, she is so intelligent. Little bonus


My dog is deaf but adorable
I can't seem to be able to upload a photo through my phone got some reason


I have many @mrm8488 on Instagram


This is my 🐕 Zarah we adopted her 4 months ago 💖
She's the best, but wants to spend everyday all day outside 😂

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