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What are your favorite subscriptions?

rpalo profile image Ryan Palo ・1 min read

What are the monthly-ish subscriptions (boxes, shipments, or online services) that bring you joy?

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Kostas Sar

If patreon counts then definetly the Darknet Diaries podcast!

In my opinion it is inspiring for the InfoSec community and entertaining for everyone.

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Ryan Palo Author

I've heard about it, but never listened. I'll have to check it out!

saymy__name__ profile image
Jordan Engstrom

I have also never heard of this, but I do love me some podcasts!

val_baca profile image
Valentin Baca

I love Darknet Diaries! Entertaining and informative. He really does a great job of explaining complex topics and jargon in a way that's accessible to practically anyone.