Post pictures of your pets below

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Hi dev πŸ‘‹ Post below pictures of your pet(s)! 😁


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The Baby (aka Baby Kitty)

Chief & Sara Being Assholes

They're brother and sister so they like to get into trouble together.


Thanks. Chief and Sara I adopted when they we're like 1 I think (they just turned 6).

The Baby was supposed to be my girlfriend's mom's cat, but she didn't want to pay the pet rent/deposit at her apartment so we said we'd hang on to her for a while. We figured we were just going to give her right back so we just started calling her the baby. After about a week we were like "Ya... no.. she's ours now" and the name had already stuck.


As it so happens...

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My profile picture is the best one I'll ever get


Not edited at all other than cropped. This was right before his sudden 3 trips to the hospital, but now he's back to making that face again and just loving life :)

Now if only I could get PetCo to start stocking his favorite food again... His brother (littermates) will eat anything, but this pretty princess only likes the finest Salmon Primavera


It's the best! As my boys went from 2lb kittens to 12-16lb chubchubs, this is the only tower that's withstood their playing (though we live close enough to a Home Depot that it's easy to get more rope to repair the scratchers)

I must admit, ours definitely needs repairs! 😹


... and upon further look, our cat towers may be slightly different, but dang close!

Oh jeez, yeah go get a staple gun and some sisal rope haha. Or my lazy fix: most of the tiers have the same sized pole, so reassemble it with the well-loved ones on top or in the back.

We finally retired our PetCo trees but now we have 2 Go Pet Club and 1 Amarkat. All 3 needed scratcher updates since 12lb cat likes vertical scratching. 16lb cat just wants the cheap cardboard horizontal ones.


Fletcher Maxwell, age 11, Chocolate Schnauzer

Fletcher Maxwell

Linkin Parker, age <1, Dacshund/Chihuahua "Chiweenie" Mix

Linkin Parker


Luna(red) and Zoey(cream)! My furbabies!


if you're just uploading it through Dev, it just generates the url to the image. To get it to display you copy that url and enter it like this:


Inside the bracket you can put Alt-Text but it's optional:

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Thank you so much!


Ninja, the hairless dog.



There are not enough horses in this thread so here are my 4 pets.



Wow! I lived in Scotland for a few years near a place that had Icelandic and Highland Ponies. This picture totally takes me back to that place! Love the way the sky looks in this. Seriously awesome photo!


Thank you, Michael.

The North Atlantic horses are wonderful creatures and all four of our horses are Icelandic.

Next to the horses, my favorite hobby is photography and allow me to shamelessly promote my 500px profile here for you 😊

It's times like these I wish we could add comments to our DEV reading list... luckily I have bookmarks on the browser though, haha!

And seriously AWESOME photos! If I was you I would promote these too, and definitely not shamelessly! Nicely done!

Thank you so much. I think you are being too kind.


This is me chilling' with Lea the Samoyed. 😁


My very own Cordelia :-)



Reno (poodle/chihauhau mix) & Turbo (Lhasa Apso)


My two little space-heaters: they lay like this next to me on my couch on my work-from-home days. (seriously, during the summer, I have to set the A/C 1-2Β° cooler than I would if they didn't always insist on scooching-up right next to me).


I have two at the moment.
There's Bowie, the friendly one who'll clamber over anyone and sit on you as soon as you're introduced:

Bowie, a black-and-white cat sitting on a red carpet

and Ricky, the one who took six months to tolerate humans for more than a quick lunge at food:

Ricky, a black-and-white cat sitting on a sofa

They're brothers, rescued as feral kittens, and they're mostly inseperable:
Bowie and Ricky, black-and-white cats curled up together on a sofa

Today, Ricky's being sick and not eating, so I'm looking after him.


Kanga (Newfoundland), Tiny Tina (Dachshund), Piglet (Corgi/mix), Alaska (Catahoula).

Alt pups


I really want to hang out with those dogs.


Little delayed, but it's never too late to show off your pets! 😸😸😸








Finn. Currently snoozing.