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AWS EC2 Cheat Sheet

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  • to run different types of cloud instances and pay-per-use models.
  • to control computing resources at the operating system level
  • working in an Amazon computing environment.

  • EC2 & EBS

  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instance

  • EBS (Elastic Block Store) - Persistent storage volume

  • AMI (Amazon Machine Image) - Packages OS and additional installations in a reusable template

  • Instance and Instance Types: General Purpose (t-type and m-type), Compute Optimized(c-type), GPU Graphics, GPU Compute, Memory Optimized(r, × and z-type), and Storage Optimized(d, h and i-type)

  • Purchasing Options: On Demand, Reserved, Scheduled, Spot, Dedicated Instance and Dedicated Host

  • Spot: Partial hours are not billed if terminated by AWS EC2

  • Secure login information for your instances using key pairs

  • Placement group: Cluster and Spread

For root:

  • General purpose SSD (balances price & performance)
  • Provisioned OPS SD (Highest performance for mission-critical low-latency or high throughput workloads)
  • Magnetic HDD (previous generation)

For other:

  • Throughput Provisioned HDD (low cost for frequently accessed, throughput intensive workloads)
  • Cold HDD (lowest cost for less frequently workloads)
  • Instance Store - temporary storage volume in which data is deleted when you STOP or TERMINATE your instance

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