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Amazon EventBridge Cheat Sheet


EventB­ridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect applic­ations together using data from apps, integrated SaaS apps, & AWS services.

Amazon EventBridge Flow

EventB­ridge is a low-cost alternative to building a new backend infrastructure for every new app. With Serverless EventB­ridge, you can connect your existing apps with a few lines of code. You don’t have to build a new backend for every new app you want to connect to.

You can use existing infrastructure as a provider of event data, and connect your apps using Serverless EventB­ridge.


Use Cases

Type: Applic­ation integr­ation

Same type services: SNS, SQS, AppSync, EventBridge

  • Re-architect for speed
  • Extend functionality via SaaS integrations
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Customize SaaS with AI/ML


A food delivery company is building a feature that requests reviews from customers after their orders are delivered. The solution should be a short-running process that can message customers simultaneously at various contact points including email, text, and mobile push notifications.

Which approach best meets these requirements?

  • Use EventBridge with Kinesis Data Streams to send messages.
  • Use a Step Function to send SQS messages.
  • Use a Lambda function to send SNS messages.
  • Use AWS Batch and SNS to send messages.

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