KVision v3.11.0 is released (with support for Onsen UI web components)

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KVision is an open source web framework created for Kotlin/JS. It allows developers to build modern web applications with the Kotlin language.

I have released KVision 3.11.0, after a few weeks of effort to fully implement Onsen UI library bindings. Now you can create hybrid and mobile web applications, with natively designed web components, that automatically choose the look and feel based on the platform on which they are running. All with fully type-safe, consistent Kotlin API and readable DSL builders.

There is a new example application, which is almost one to one rewrite of the official Vue Kitchen Sink example. You can see live demo for both iOS and Android design.

Other highlights of this release:

  • extended functionality of the Maps module (contributed by JΓΆrg Rade)
  • upgraded dependencies (Javalin 3.9.0, Jooby 2.8.8, Spring Boot 2.3.1, ReduxKotlin 0.5.1, Tabulator 4.7.1, Chart.js 2.9.3 and others)

For more details about this release see the changelog.

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As always, any feedback is appreciated!

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