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Kilua - new Kotlin/Wasm web framework

I have published Kilua 0.0.1 - the first public release of my new compose powered web framework for Kotlin/Wasm and Kotlin/JS.

Kilua allows you to:

  • Use powerful Compose programming model and state management to develop web applications.
  • Compile the same application code for Kotlin/Wasm and Kotlin/JS targets.
  • Create fullstack applications with companion Kilua RPC library.
  • Deploy your application with full SSR (Server Side Rendering) for better SEO performance and user experience.

Kilua is similar to compose-html, but it has considerable advantages:

  • Webassembly support
  • Server Side Rendering
  • a lot of ready to use components
  • fullstack RPC with fullstack UI components
  • i18n support with gettext
  • imperative API layer to directly interact with UI components

If you want to see how to write Kilua applications, you can find fully compatible TodoMVC and RealWorld example applications, alongside other demo apps in the examples directory.

More information can be found at

Don't forget to ⭐️ my project if you like it!

Any feedback is appreciated!

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