Introduction to Nuxt Socket.IO

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nuxt-socket.io (4 Part Series)

1) Introduction to Nuxt Socket.IO 2) Nuxt-Socket.IO: How Namespaces Config May Make Your Life Insanely Easier 3) Nuxt Socket.IO: How to Create a Stealth-mode Chat Application in Under 10 minutes 4) Nuxt Socket.IO: Connection Status and Error Handling Made Easy

TL;DR — nuxt-socket-io is a module for the Nuxt framework that allows you to configure IO easily: that is, configure your socket.IO…

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@richardeschloss thank you! this is timely as I'm trying to learn real-time communication between client and server using vue/nuxt. Do you have a demo link of your application somewhere? That would be helpful before I spend time installing and configuring the repo.


Hey @kp , thanks for the support. I've been meaning to put a demo online at [codesandbox, maybe?] but at the current time, the fastest way is to git clone and npm run dev:server to see the examples in action asap. There's also a "examples/rooms" branch which will show an [ugly but functional] chat rooms application (for anonymous users).


Thanks @richardeschloss ...I'll bookmark your post and come back to it later. I'm also following you and will keep an eye out for your posts on Nuxt!

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