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My goal for mobile games as a game developer

Greetings Dev community, this is my first post on this platform so it is going to be like a small-itch introduction of myself and what I am aiming as a developer.

My name is Esther Felicies, I have a background as a Back-end developer using Laravel (php, html, javascript, etc) to do the projects I work on.

I go by "Rehtse Studio" on my social platform to share what i am working on and my process in gaining knowledge on a particular subject

My real goal and aim is to be a Unity Game Developer but more aim at mobile game.

The truth is that I see the mobile as another handheld device that will allows a lot of user to experience nice story in games.

The things is that, personally, I will like to bring the same experience i felt when i played game on my GameBoy Advance, psp, etc. I know mobile device has some limitation for everything being on screen but that one of my goal.

I may be thinking to much since i am more a game programmer meaning that i need to feel comfortable in dealing with assets, shatter, etc.

My channel on YouTube it is still new but will work on it little by little.

Will post something more concrete but this is my version of a small introduction.

If someone want to ask something, feel free to ask me anything related to game dev.

Lets keep coding.

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Irena Grigor

The popularity of mobile games is that they are usually short, simple, and easy to play on the go. Therefore, the task of developers is to create games that are not inferior in quality to the most in-demand series.