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GameDevHQ Intensive Training Week 01 / Week 08 [Day 3]

Day 3 was a more slow day.

Took it easy in the morning since I was able to complete all of the tasks of week 1, check on my project before the check in meeting.

During the check in I got really good reminders to apply on my script and to always have in mind when creating scripts.

Few of those were to always try to create managers for each action, depending on the script.

On my spawn manager script I had the pooling pattern to reuse the enemy and not to destroy them. So in this case the SpawnManager is only responsibility is to Spawn so this mean that i need to put the object pooling pattern on its own script

Another one, that makes total sense, was if any Manager is always going to be alive on the game / scene then if it needs any game object reference then it is best practice to add the game object reference using the inspector and not GameObject.Find().

So I took those tips and applied them today.

Next up is to write down how i want to approach the project since my aim is to make it a mobile game😊.

I promise I will add more GIF, Clips and Photos for the post; getting used to in writing this type of blogs 😆

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Day 3 Done

To be continued……...

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