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Outreachy Week-3: Everybody struggles

This blog post is on my progress till week-3 and vocabulary terms which I got to know while working on this project .

Journey uptill now

When I initally replaced gtk3 version with gtk4 version there were so many errors about 300 or so and double warnings 😵. Then I went through each error one by one , and figured out that I have to change some parent classes . Because now in gtk4 version , some classes have been made final which were not final in gtk3 and now we can no more derive from those classes . This was a big task as there were many components which were deriving from those final classes for example DL-teams page, projects page and Poeditor page some other components . The one which was looking toughest to me was poeditor page . It was a component deriving from GtkNotebook , we have to remove that component and modify GtrTab component as its replacement .

Some vocabulary terms which I got to know

When I started working there were many terms related to translation which I was coming accross like po file , internationalisation , localisation etc. I read some sections from gettext manual .

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