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Career goals

For this blog post , I will be using blog prompt from outreachy .

  • Are you looking for a job, internship, a grant, a volunteer position, or some type of other opportunity?

I am fine with internship, job, type of positions .

  • What types of work would you like to contribute to?

Being a computer science student , I would like to contribute to technical/development work . Although I am interested in learning AI/ML technologies , so I am comfortable with contributing to AI/ML too.

  • What tools or skills do you have that would help you with that work?

For development work , I am comfortable with web developement in mern stack as well as working in java and c (GTK+) . For AI/ML , I am learning tech stuffs

  • What tools or skills would you like to learn?

I want to learn AI/ML tech stuffs . I am also fine learning stuffs related to linux ( for example linux desktops) or may be kernel too .

  • What interpersonal skills make you a collaborative team member?

I am comfortable in communication with other team-mates , I can upscale or downscale my efforts for matching my output with my team's expectation

  • What languages do you speak?

Well I am comfortable with english and hindi.

  • Are you able to move, and if so, which countries/regions are you willing to move to?

If I need to permanantly shift then I am only open to saudi-arabia country ( and it depends ) besides this, I am willing to be in India. If I need to occasionally move then , I am open to other locations ( but here is also it depeneds on the frequency and duration )

  • Are you looking for a remote job?

Yeah , remote jobs are best suited to me !

  • Are you looking for a full-time or part-time paid position?

I am fine in both

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