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Redis Weekly Updates(Jan 21, 2022) - Latest Blogs, Tutorials, Sample Apps & Events

Welcome to the Redis Weekly Updates! We bring you a curated list of latest Redis tutorials, sample apps, events, Podcasts and videos.

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Last Chance to get $200 credits πŸ”₯

Sign up to Redis Enterprise Cloud and use MATRIX200 to get $200 credits and a chance to win a Tesla. 🚘


Latest Tutorials on Redis Developer Hub πŸ“š

If you are keen to find the latest Redis tutorials made by developers, for developers, then check out Redis Developer Hub!

1. Deploy a Ruby app on Heroku using Redis

In this quickstart guide, you will see how to build and deploy a Real-Time Leaderboard application on Heroku using Redis.

2. How to Deploy a Redis Enterprise Database from a Jenkins Pipeline

In this blog tutorial, you’ll see how to deploy Redis Enterprise database using Jenkins Pipelines.

3. How E-Commerce Websites Can Improve Market Basket Analysis with RedisAI and RedisGears

In this blog tutorial, you will learn how to quickly run your Market Basket Analysis using RedisAI and RedisGears. This tutorial will allow you to score various baskets based on pre-populated users and profiles. The data was pulled from Amazon reviews datasets and the model was built using reviews with verified purchases. Individual user profiles were compiled and analyzed to describe baskets that were trained to build the model that is included in this repo.

New Sample apps on Redis LaunchPad πŸš€

Redis makes a great database cache, but expanding Redis’ role caching to a primary database gives developers a head start on building the applications of tomorrow. Get access to 85+ sample apps via Redis LaunchPad

🏦 1. RedisBank


Redisbank is a simple, real-time mobile banking application built using Java/Spring Boot - an open source, microservice-based Java web framework. This application has a capability to show a searchable transaction overview with realtime updates as well as a personal finance management overview with realtime balance and biggest spenders updates.

🚧 2. CodeRed


Code Red is a simple project management app, using a graph-based approach to task and resource management.

πŸ“š 3. Alexis


Alexis is an app that uses RedisAI and RediSearch to retrieve information from a corpus (indexed library) in response to a query. Essentially, it's a text ranker that uses natural language processing combined with the BM25 ranking function to retrieve and answer questions in response to user queries.

Official Redis Blog πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ

Here's a curated list of the Redis official blogs published early this week.

1. How to Eliminate Waste and Promote a Greener Planet Using Redis by Redis Growth Team

2. Understanding Redis for Cloud and Multicloud in 90 Seconds by Will Johnston

3. Hello redis-py, It’s Been a Minute by Chayim Kirshen

Redis on YouTube and TwitchπŸ“€

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss the upcoming new stream!

1. Redis Enterprise: The Fast, Flexible, Cost-Effective Data Platform

2. Redis / Gitpod Live! Run Redis and VSCode in the cloud!

3. Flexible Deployment of Redis to Multicloud or Hybrid Cloud

4. Reduce Complexity by Using Redis as a Real-Time Data Platform

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Pauline P. Narvas (Paw)

I enjoyed the stream with you folks! Enjoy all the freedom that Gitpod provides πŸ₯°

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