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Looking for a teammate for the Redis Hackathon?

As you know, we announced the Redis Hackathon on DEV a few days ago, and we have seen several people searching for teammates. Let's use the comments section below this post to organize that. If you are looking for a teammate, please post in the comment section below. Mention your skills, your idea, language, etc. as well as how many teammates you are looking for and if you are looking for specific skills (languages, frameworks, etc.). Thanks, and happy hacking!

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Bilal Ahmad

I'm looking for a single teammate. I'm skilled in React JS, Node JS and know about basic usage of Redis search and** Redis client** module.
My rough idea is to work with heavy loaded APIs (twitter API, google books API etc).

ayomide_bajo profile image

Can we work together?

billypentester profile image
Bilal Ahmad

Yeah sure, here's my email:, and we can scedule a meeting

rahularyan786 profile image

Can we work together , and my idea is to replace existing Mongo with Redis in existing app that is build on agnular, php (laravel) and mysql.

drraghavendra profile image

Can I join your team for Hackathon

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Saifur Rahman Emon • Edited

Planning to build a tool with React for front end ,node.js for backend and Redis as a database. Anyone interested ?

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Shiva Prakash Pendem • Edited

Hello Saifur,

I can help you with React and Node.js, but I'm not familiar with Redis, so I'll have to look into it. Let me know your decision.

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Ahmad Abubakar Sadiq

Can we work together.

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Emmanuel Nyarko

I know it's late but I'm skilled in PHP. can anyone join so we develop something? Or can I join a team to make it better.