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Image Gallery for Ciburuy Desk Application

realicejoanne profile image Patricia Joanne Originally published at ・2 min read

Another final project was finished this semester. This time I will show off my Object Oriented Programming final project. I made an image gallery program with Shofiyyah, Raditya, Bebe, and Santo. Please kindly check my Github repository here for the raw codes and reports.

Alt Text

This photo above was the screenshot of my program. It was made with Java language and used Netbeans as the code editor. Simply, it was designed only with jLabel and jButton library as you can see below.

Alt Text

Ah if you asked why I used the Ciburuy site as the images, that was because all of the teams who took Object Oriented Programming subject were demanded to make a program that would be a feature for Ciburuy Desk. Ciburuy Desk was a desktop app about Ciburuy site on West Java and contained all of the teams’ programs including my team. We wasn’t the one who wanted to make image gallery. We got it because the lecturer demanded us. I didn’t really remember all features in Ciburuy Desk, I just remembered there were games, Sundanese translator, search engine, and image gallery like what we made.

I was so sorry if there was some of you couldn’t run the raw codes in my Github repository above because actually there was a bug I didn’t understand in the program. Some of people could run the program and the others couldn’t. I could run it in my laptop but Eko, who was in a team to gather all of the programs into an app, couldn’t run it so I gave him my old codes of the program which was really different than the fixed one for Ciburuy Desk. (The old codes were in Slideshow folder.) Please guys if somebody could help me fix the error, I would really appreciate it. The error message in the codes was: Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.NullPointerException. Thank you for reading 😅

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