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Episode 24/18: Signals and Observables, Angular Q&A Session

An insightful discussion about the Signals, Observables, and the standardization of Signals happened at TechStackNation. Mark and Jeremy from the Angular Team did their Q&A session with live coding and answering questions about Angular.

TC39 Signals Proposal

Alex Rickabaugh, tech lead of the Angular framework, and Ben Lesh, primary maintainer of RxJs, discussed Signals and Observables at TechStacknation. This topic is very interesting, also outside of Angular, because Signals and Observables are considered to become standardized in JavaScript.

In terms of difference, RxJs is strong when it comes to handling events and asynchronous tasks. Signals are good when it comes to managing the state. Ben highlighted that state management should definitely not be done with RxJs.

Every framework currently has a different Signal's implementation. The official polyfill used in the standardization is the one from Angular.

Angular Q&A Session

The monthly session with Jeremy and Mark from the Angular team happened again. In addition to the usual discussion of why Signals are important and why we should not always stick to RxJs, we heard that the Web Test Runner, which will succeed Karma, will not be available in Angular 18 yet.

It was very interesting to hear that there is no version of Angular inside Google. Every commit directly affects the internal applications. That means the Google applications are already running on a pre-release of Angular 18.

By default, a component is not standalone until its property standalone is set to true. That is going to change. Jeremy mentioned that, in the "not too distant future," one has to explicitly set that property to false; otherwise, standalone is the default.

We will likely get a migration script setting the module-based components to standalone: false automatically.

Austrian Angular Meetups

The two main Austrian Angular meetups, Vienna and Graz, happened the same day. The talks were recorded. Topics range from Accessibility, Security, Performance, Design Systems and Change Detection.

Angular Vienna Meetup | Apr 2024 | Julian Jandl & Julia Rapczynska from - YouTube

🎉 Get ready for the Angular Austria April Meetup 🎉What's on the agenda:🗣️ Two special guests🎓 Knowledge sharing🎫 Raffles of cool prices👥 Meet old and n...


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