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Automated Testing with Machine Learning

razgandeanu profile image Klaus Updated on ・2 min read

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Like it or not, the robots are here and they have come to stay.

Facebook is using AI to scan the images that people send each other on Messenger, making sure the content abides by the company’s rules. And totally not for advertising purposes.

Chatbots are now the ones dealing with your hysterical attitude when you're whining about why your pizza delivery is late.

Most of us are starting to understand that the purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make our lives easier, not to steal our jobs.

Think of AI as something that can take the role of an automated assistant.

But I'm a Software Engineer, this doesn't affect me...

It actually does, or it might, in the very near future.

There is no AI that can replace you, but there are people who are leveraging the power of Machine Learning to be 10 times more efficient than you are.

machine learning testing

One of the best places to start implementing Machine Learning is in your Automated Tests.

Mostly because tests are repetitive and require a lot of maintenance.

What if you had an automated assistant that would could do that for you?

There are some interesting solutions on the market. Platforms where you can create, manage and run your automated tests, without having to code and without having to worry about maintenance.

I personally recommend Endtest with all my heart, since I believe they're light years ahead of the competition.

machine learning testing


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Vadim Harenco

Just as I got exited to read about appliances of neural networks in test automation my hopes were shattered by the advertisement of modernized Cucumber.

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Klaus Author

Hi Vadim, how are you handling your functional automated tests?