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Middi - Digital Ocean Hackathon Submission

raucoustortoise profile image Michael Mather Updated on ・2 min read

What I built

Middi is a fun and wholesome habit tracker that makes you feel good for completing habits. The Middi app takes place in a chat-like interface where users get support and encouragement every time they complete a habit. Manage your habits, complete your goals and feel good doing it.

Category Submission:

Program for the People: Build an application related to mental health, a public service (like a COVID-19 spread tracker), or a feel-good app to ring in the New Year right

App Link

Middi App



Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 6.53.08 PM
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Middi lets you create and track habits with weekly goals. You can then monitor your habit progress and get encouragement (and confetti parties) every time you complete a goal.

Link to Source Code!

Middi Repo

Permissive License



I've tried to get into habit tracking a couple of times but I always find that the material design "spreadsheet" approach never really appealed to me. I liked the idea of a habit tracker that made you feel good every time you completed a habit. I tried to build Middi to be friendly and supportive so that habit tracking didn't feel like making a grocery list.

How I built it

This project really shows how easy it is to make a full-stack project on Digital Ocean App Platform. I use one app to host both the backend and the frontend, and an App Platform component to create a PostgreSQL database. Linking the two up was as simple as a few clicks with DO doing the heavy lifting, including managing database users.

I use Heroku regularly so It's really great to see competitors in the same space.

I used NodeJS with Express, Passport and Sequelize to handle the authentication and database models. I then used React with TypeScript on the frontend to handle the client side of things.

Additional Resources/Info

Huge thanks to DEV and Digital Ocean for organising this event. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the submissions!

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Bobby Iliev

This looks absolutely amazing! Well done! 🙌

Mine is much simpler, I built a portfolio website with an interactive training section based on Katacoda:

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Michael Mather Author

Looks great! I'm a big fan of Bash scripting so I'll definitely take a look

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this is beautiful