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Systematic Modern Artwork with AiConfig


In this blog post, you will be guided with the systematic way of producing the AI Artwork with the state-of-the-art models like DaLL-E. Imagine the world of possibilities where you have no boundaries in creating an innovative artwork. However, if you are wondering how to? That is exactly you will be learning in this tutorial.

For this purpose, we'll be making use of AiConig driven approach of LastMileAI. If you are new to the LastMileAI or AiConfig, I request you to please read the following blogs

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This blog post targets the AI artwork resembling the Artist Piet Mondrian. If you are new to Mondrian's artwork, please research or check on this tutorial - Artist Piet Mondrian


Let's take a deep dive into the world of Modern AI Generated Artwork inspired by renounced artists.

With the AI Artwork, the fundamental problem of the art composition still remains the same. In order to simplify the process of creative thinking and providing the step-by-step instructions and guidance to the AI models to generate the expected artwork, you will be introduced to the staged process. Welcome to the world of step-by-step instruction driven or guided method for producing the state of the artwork with ease.

You need to do the following steps and tweak the prompts based on your requirements.

  1. Login to LastMileAI
  2. Navigate to the Workbooks and create a new workbook.
  3. Copy and paste the below instructions onto the cell. Please set the model to use Dall-E 3.
  4. Create and configure or step the parameters
  5. Run or Execute the cell

Wondering how the instructions are formatted? Don't worry, please take a look into the below


Main Theme: {{theme}} 
Background: {{background}}
Resembling: {{resembling}}
Features: {{features}}
Positioning: {{positioning}}
Key details: {{key_details}}
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Notice the curly braced parameters, those are the configurable options with which you are going to instruct or guide the model to perform certain tasks.


An oil painting close up portrait of an elegant woman
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The geometric abstract background has modern art vibes. This portrait is rendered in ultra-high resolution with masterful brushwork in the style of a contemporary realist painter
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Piet Mondrian painting
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fiery red curly hair wearing
diamond earrings
bold red lipstick
abstract background
varying rectangular blocks of solid colors, bright crimson red, deep purple, teal blue and golden yellow
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The woman is centered in the frame glancing pensively towards the upper left side, with a slight smirk on her brightly lit face
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Oil painting for traditional portrait look
Describes a specific woman subject and her pose direction
Abstract background uses solid color geometric blocks
Calls out specific background colors to set the palette
References Piet Mondrian for abstract style inspiration
Centers on the elegantly lit woman as the focus
Specifies "ultra-high resolution" and painterly brushwork technique
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Here are few modern AI generated artworks created with the above step-by-step composition instructions.






Hope you had a lot of fun with the AiConfig, systematic instruction driven modern artwork using the AiConfig and LastMileAI workbook. That said, your creativity or imagination is the only limit.

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