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The Power of Abstract Thinking


This blog post will walk you through the process of training your mind to think abstractly, avoid getting bogged down in minutiae, and create and evolve using the foundational methods.


The field of "Art" and "Programming" is the key inspiration behind this post for conceptualizing the reality in terms of abstraction to focus only the essentials and discard the details.

Getting Started

In nature, abstraction's inherent beauty is very amazing. One can do higher level abstraction based work the instant they visualize and conceive in terms of abstraction. An artist may work with sketches and paintings, while architects or programmers may be able to conceptualize and produce the design or products. Keep your thoughts from wandering to the specifics.

The most potent and intricate being is the intellect. Nonetheless, the ability to mentally imagine and interpret real-world things in a straightforward way necessitates ongoing training. This is the point at which the strong abstraction becomes relevant. The human brain tends to see things in terms of details by default. But it takes ongoing practice to avoid becoming bogged down in the specifics; this is where you have to reconsider and refine your abstraction.

Some Examples

  1. The Object-Oriented Concepts when applied it right, you'll understand the importance or significance of abstract thinking. The abstraction being one of the key pillar of object-oriented programming, Hence the need for everyone to rethink and design better systems by following the fundamental concepts.

  2. A skilled artist dedicates the majority of their time to examining the sources. Those who are masters of basic skills concentrate on the important features of an object rather than its minutiae, and they create works of art by really manipulating the fundamental shapes. You will find the harder truth that everything you see around you can be depicted with simple shapes like spheres, cubes, cylinders, and cones when you examine the artwork closely. Please view the tutorial video below for some drawing ideas with simple shapes.
    Learning how to use basic shapes


When creating a system or finding a solution to an issue, for instance, the observations are the most important factors to consider. This is when the research becomes relevant. The first and most important thing you should comprehend or recognize while working with any system is your ability to observe. This will enable you to work on and learn about the subject of interest while also helping you comprehend reality.

Using an artist as an example, she or he may spend several minutes to hours conducting a thorough investigation or just making the necessary observations before delving deeply into bringing the subject to life. With great patience, the observation is made.


The process of learning never ends. The more time you devote to learning, the more in-depth knowledge you will possess. Individuals learn differently from one another. All people, however, are fundamentally obliged to learn new things all the time.

I'm sure you've realized by now how important "Observations" and "Learning" are to helping you analyze the situation more effectively and move towards abstract thinking.


The secret to success lies in mastering the skill of abstract thought. In order to solve problems more effectively and simply, regardless of the field in which you work, it is imperative that you develop the skill of abstract thinking through constant learning and close observation. This will give you a deeper understanding of the issue at hand.

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