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Future of LLM Interaction


In this blog post, let's try to understand the future of Large Language Model (LLM) communication in a more realistic manner. In the fast moving technology, that too with the rapid advancements in the AI field, it's very difficult to predict the future state and usage of AI. The LLMs of today's will not be of tomorrow. Hence, please do not take anything for granted. The field of AI is rapidly advancing and changing every day. However, the concepts explained in this blog post is made sure to be generic so it can be adopted in the fast moving phase.


The Large Language Models (LLMs) are one of the greatest revolution in the history of mankind, probably the inventors of the LLMs weren't even aware of its capabilities per se. Initially, to start with, it was more of a language model with the intention of getting the model to statistically predict the next word.


The frameworks and the libraries that weren't exist come and go in life. However, the inspiration or the lessons that you have learned will take you to the next level. The Large Language Model that you see today, seem to be highly incredible, However, there are so many downsides of it especially with the capabilities of solving a specific use-case driven approach. Not all LLMs can solve most of your day-to-day problems. That's where, you soon start realizing that you need a smaller specialized model or a Mixture of multi modals which can potentially solve your interested problems.

Where the humans end up?

Let's take a moment to understand where the Humans will end up? Just to give you a background on the amount of work involved in solving the unstructured data, that alone will take ages for humans to work on. Considering the collaboration with the "AI", things will significantly change the way how they look right now. Especially with the Large Language Models, it has become easy for any organization in solving complex problems with ease. Be it the question and answering, NLP, Chatbot or any conversational assistants for that matter are evolving or changing as we speak. The future of humans to AI communication have drastically changed over the period of time.

Private Data

The amount of private data that we have is significant, and this is where the AI opportunity comes into the picture. There is no specific area's of target, However the organization that envisions, explores and build AI based applications or services leveraging the private data will evolve or survive in the fast moving technology and business.


Now is the time for conclusion. The advancements in the field of Large Language Model (LLM) has significantly opened up opportunities for humans to understand, evolve and work on the more interesting things or aspects. Although the future existence of LLM is a questionable thing, However the technology advanced in the field of "AI" will change the future of human and machine computing. That said, the future will be a collaborative Human and Machine's than the humans involved in programming and building a specific thing with no or little AI. When it comes to the AI interaction, there will be a multifold improvements and advancements in the technology which no humans have ever envisioned.

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